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The features and functionality of our fleet management system


Web-based User/Admin login Account: We will create an account on the web platform that will manage more than 100,000 vehicles and assign all your vehicles into this single account which makes it easy for a vehicle owner/admin to manage his/her fleet from the comfort of home/office.

Live Tracking: This feature enables you to track your vehicles and see them move life on the web platform respectively.

Mobile Tracking version: Your vehicle will be able to send a google map link to your mobile phone and you will be able to see where your vehicle is directly on your mobile phone screen.(a GPRS enabled phone is needed for this feature (eg; phone that can browse.)

Absolute street address by sms: With this function, car owner can get the real street address and number of where their car is parked via sms, eg; No.41 Azikiwe street, D-line Port Harcourt, Rivers state, Nigeria.(No internet connection needed for this function)

Remote Stop/Resume Vehicle: Vehicle owner can put off or resume his/her vehicle engine using any mobile phone or computer from any location.

Voice Monitoring: Vehicle owner can listen to conversations of person's in the vehicle live from any location. This function is optimal

Geo-fencing: With this feature, you can declare physical boundaries within which a particular vehicle is required to travel. Whenever such vehicle exceeds the boundaries, the system alerts all the predefined user telephone numbers and the control centre.

Movement Alert: After the vehicle must have parked for more than 30 minutes in one particular place and it is moved from that location thereafter, the system will send an SMS movement alert to the base station or to a designated mobile phone to report this violation.

Over-Speed Alert: You can program a speed limit to the device and thereafter, the system will send an over spend alert to the base station or to any designated mobile number, once the speed limit is violated.

ACC Working Alert: With this feature, you can know when the vehicle ignition is put ON and when it’s put OFF.

Accident Alert: When tracker detects accident (severe impact), it will send “Accident! + the location” to all the authorized phone numbers.

Engine stop over History: Vehicle owner can get the full details of how many times their vehicles engine stopped on the way before arriving their destination

Track History: You can recall the full tracked history of your vehicle activities up to 1 year with date and time of the activity. (eg. You can get the history of where your vehicle was on the 23rd January 2013 at 1:30 pm) etc.

Playback Movement History & Automatic Millage Calculation: In a click of button the system can play back your vehicle movement history for a specified period and also calculate the millage automatically.

Distance Statistics: Vehicle owner/admin can have the statistics of distance covered by each vehicle for a specified period of time

Triple Network mode:GSM, GPRS and GPS (satellite network). You can operate from Nigeria or other parts of the world.

Compatibility with fuel/oil check Accessory: Our fleet management device is compactable with fuel/oil check accessory making it easy to integrate fuel/oil check functionality when the accessory is installed.

Inbuilt Battery Back-up: System comes with a rechargeable backup battery which, when fully charged, can run itself for up to 4 days independent of the car battery. You can also activate sleep mode when necessary to elongate the battery life.

Sleep mode: This function enables the device to works in low power consumption but effectively. It makes its inbuilt battery to last long when the vehicle engine remains off for a very long time.

Service Maintenance & Renewal Fee: In our advance fleet management package, we do not charge service maintenance and renewal fee. We charge just one off payment for life.

Warranty: We offer 12 months (1 year) warranty in this service.


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